About US

iNFiNiTi HR Company Limited (iHR), established in 2008, is at the cutting edge in skills development, recruitment and placement services in Bangladesh. We believe that the future of Bangladesh rests on the most important renewable resources that we possess – our people. Our mission is to bridge the gaps between skills needed by employers and skills employees (existing and potential) bring to the workplace.

We recruit at all levels for our clients but have a special focus on assisting fresh and recent graduates secure better, more responsible jobs while assisting employers find better skilled and more responsible individuals for entry level positions.

We work with employers to understand their needs and culture, and then use our database and our network to find the right candidates for the jobs. We also provide customized training programs in soft skills, business communication and business etiquette to our trainees, in addition to training programs in specialized areas such as banking, manufacturing and retail. Our skills development programs prepare employees not only to be competitive in the local market, but to meet the demands of competition in the international market as well.

Email: directions@infiniti-bd.com