Consulting Philosophy

The most important lesson that I have learned in my career as banker, teacher, management consultant is that whenever asked to take on a challenging new opportunity, the correct answer is always YES. I have found challenging roles to be my best teachers.

Steve Jobs once responded, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste,” to a person in the audience who mentioned that he was a management consultant. According to him, consultants are jacks of all trades but masters of none because they don’t get involved in the day to day operations of a company and therefore never gain the in-depth knowledge that business managers gain over time.

Although I don’t disagree with him, I still consider management consulting to be the best use of my mind. I am a person who enjoys learning new skills and troubleshooting problems. Jobs did go on to state that the consultants’ depth of knowledge comes from experiences gained from working with a large cross-section of businesses.

I operate as a freelance consultant often but also have a platform, iNFiNiTi Business Development Group, whenever I have to involve other management consultants with the complementary skill needed to implement projects.

The experiences shared on this site are either related to projects that I have been actively involved in or my opinions regarding technical concepts in the areas of Access to Finance, Business Advisory and Project Management.

Stories, knowledge, opinions, successes, failures and lessons learnt that inform my project management and consulting assignments.

Reflections on enabling financial inclusion and access to finance of underserved businesses.

Strategic planning focused on improving profitability, growth and business value.

A look at aspects of a consulting assignments projects from the perspective of a Project Management Professional.