Recruitment Services


iHR is positioned as a provider of trained entry-level staff across the country. To this end, our placement services program is currently targeting recent graduates from all types of universities and colleges to help them skill themselves for better jobs. Although we do work with graduates, we are equally adept at building the skills of the non-graduates.

In order to provide good quality staffing some soft employability skills training will be provided to individuals who are finally selected. The training will include basics of selling, analysis, numeracy, customer service and communications.

Entry level staff are the foot soldiers of every organisation and generally the face of the company to the customers. As such they are an important group of individuals within the company regardless of whether they are permanent staff or employed by a third party. The proficiency, efficiency, integrity and attitude of these individuals are keys to retaining customers and growing the business.

It is easy to put together a group of people who are interested in getting a job, but it is an entirely different story to round up a group that is interested in the job, has the right attitude, aptitude and integrity to perform in a highly charged and competitive environment.

iHR is focused on providing you with individuals who are not only interested in the positions being recruited for but rather thrive on meeting and exceeding challenges. The age group of individuals interested in entry level positions are young enough that they are still uncertain about what they wish to do with their lives.

The calibre of the sales staff needed demands that some amount of training be provided in order to make the recruitment effective. The training that iHR provides is geared towards programming the mind-sets of job seekers to make them more proactive and hungry for challenges. We work very closely with entry-level job seekers and help them develop a healthy attitude towards work.

All candidates provided by iHR receive training in order to make them more confident about their abilities. Our vision is to identify and develop talented professionals throughout the country so that employers can be assured of good quality staff anywhere they wish to set up or expand their businesses.

iHR therefore focuses on skills development programs up country and is well placed to address the needs of clients seeking to employ not only in the major metropolitan cities but also towns across the country.



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