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In an effort to assist individuals secure meaningful lucrative jobs iNFiNiTi HR Company Limited (iHR) focuses on programs geared towards making the right impression from the very beginning.

We achieve this through assistance with skills assessment, CV preparation, interview skills training and career counseling. This helps clients of iHR perform better than the average job seeker at interviews and therefore make lasting positive impressions on employers.

IHR PLacements Services Ad FBOut heavily counseling based iHR Placement Services program a  membership based program that is unlike any other and benefits the candidates whether they secure a job directly through iHR or not.

iHR has been continually developing relationships with employers to ensure that CVs forwarded by iHR are considered when they are looking for potential employees for their organization. This enables iHR to provide clients the comfort that not only will their CVs be seriously considered for positions but that they are more likely to be called in for interviews.

We would like to invite you to become a member of iHRs’ Placement Services Program so that we can assist you in your job search.

Topics Covered

101: iHR CV Basics: Candidates get a clear understanding of what a CV is meant to achieve. They will begin work towards a CV that will impress the most critical recruiter.
151: iHR Do what you are! Personality and Value Assessment: Candidates complete a psychometrics self assessment based on the Meyers Briggs Type Indicator and discover in some depth what is important to them and what drives them.
201: iHR Interest and Skills Assessment: Candidates expand their assessment conducted in the previous module to include the identification of their interests and skills through a soul searching activity.
301: iHR Transferable Skills Identification: Candidates will begin to shortlist the skills they possess in line with those that are applicable across the board in all types of jobs and those that are more specialized.
325: iHR CV Preparation: Based on the self discovery and analysis done as the above modules have been completed, the participant is now able to write their curriculum vitae.
351: iHR Communications, Sales and Interview Skills: iHR counselors will provide training on how to communicate in interviews, sales situations and negotiations.


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