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Counselling based Interviewing


Building one career at a time through career counselling.

At iNFiNiTi HR Company Limited, we pride ourselves in being more than just a recruitment services firm.

Every interview we take is geared towards understanding what the candidates really wants. Often, candidates don’t know or has not thought through their career aspirations. Therefore they cannot present themselves in the best possible way to prospective employers.

As a result of our proprietary counselling based interviewing methodology, we are able to take the time to help these individuals understand how to kick start their careers by taking on entry level positions. Everyone needs to earn a living and often that is all that the candidate has on their agenda. The first job that individuals get will give them some bearing on what it is that they want to achieve in their career.

We not only help them find their first job but also open their horizons as to what is possible with a little experience – in any job.

We do this because it helps us to quickly recommend the right person with the right skills for the right jobs to our clients. We create the Win-Win-Win in recruitment outsourcing.

The interview process that our candidates undergo are geared toward helping them perform well at interviews by being able to focus clearly and concisely when speaking with potential employers. This is because we help them become comfortable with their career choice and know what they need to do to add value to the organisations once they are recruited.

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