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Business Consultants Group



iNFiNiTi Business Consultants Group is a boutique consulting services firm leveraging a pool of local, regional and international specialists who are each successful professionals in their specific domains.

Our lead specialists have extensive work experience in countries across the world including those most relevant to the Bangladesh context – India, Nepal, Bhutan and Banglad

We have work side by side with local and multinational banks, banking regulators and multilateral organizations, namely World Bank, IFC, DFID, & EU supporting growth of SME Banking and Risk Management Practices.

Our team has trained over 10,000 bankers, SMEs and practitioners trained in Risk Management, SME Banking, soft skills and work practices.

Our focus is in the financial services industry. We take a structured approach to assisting our client starting from stock taking, benchmarking and diagnostic due diligence from an SME and customer management perspectives aimed at scaling up SME and Retail Banking portfolios for growth, profitability and quality.

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